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Designed for the longest rides in mixed weather conditions. Linklube Premium All-Weather uses the same scientific approach as our much loved Linklube All-Weather, but dials the quality of the ingredients up to 11.

With the same chain-cleaning properties as our standard all-weather lube, the milky-white Linklube Premium penetrates deep inside the chain and replaces moisture, grit & grime with a long-lasting blend of oils, waxes and non toxic nano-particles.

Why 30% Longer?

All-Weather Premium has been ridden over thousands of miles of testing and development over the last couple of years by our motley crew of riders and product testers. Over these miles of real-world testing, they have found that on average it lasted 30% longer in the same conditions as our standard All-Weather Linklube.

Through the first wave of lockdown, Paralympic gold medalist Steve Bate was using the latest formulation back to back comparing it to our standard Linklube All-Weather.  

During his epic 1,000 mile turbo trainer ride over ten days, the results showed that All Weather Premium lasted a massive 500 miles before wearing out. In comparison, Linklube All-Weather standard lasted 380 miles in the same controlled conditions showing a 31.5% increase in durability.


  1. Always fully degrease your drivetrain before applying fresh lube. For best results, use Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser
  2. Ensure you thoroughly wash your chain with clean water after degreasing (degreaser is designed to eat chain oil after all)
  3. Remove as much water as you can from the chain. For best results, use PT17
  4. Give the bottle a good shake
  5. Apply the lube while cycling the chain backwards (eBikes will need to be pedalled forwards in a stand) ensuring every link is adequately covered
  6. Keep cycling the chain for 10 seconds or so to help the lube work its way into your chain
  7. Thoroughly wipe away all excess lube from your chain using a clean cloth
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